Matti and Anu founded Moder in 2020, driven by their need for an all-in-one property management system for their adventure resort. Their resort, which features both cabin rentals and bookable activities, required multiple booking software to operate efficiently. Existing software did not offer integrations to activity booking software, affecting customer satisfaction and upsell opportunities.

Upon sharing their challenges with fellow resort owners, Matti and Anu discovered a mutual demand for more tailored software. Existing options fell short, particularly for small to medium-sized hotels. This insight led them to create Moder, a modern software tailored for resorts offering adventure experiences alongside traditional room rentals. With Moder, resorts can manage accommodation, timeslot-based products, package deals, and even collaborate with local partners through its marketplace features. The features have been developed with the resort and the resort’s customers in mind, resulting in comprehensive and easy-to-use software.

Moder’s team in 2024

We joined Moder as an investor in the spring of 2024. We look forward to being part of their growth journey!

Moder is a property management software for resorts, and small & medium-sized hotels.