We are excited to announce our investment in SEO AI, a new venture in website content optimization. The founders started SEO AI when they noticed that small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) are struggling with online visibility and search engine ranking. With their previous experience they have been able to build a working product, and an efficient sales team in a short amount of time.

SMB’s must consistently create quality content to maintain visibility on search engines. Handcrafted solutions are expensive, especially when content generation must be continous to maintain SEO visibility. Such solutions only include the content creation itself and exclude optimizing macro- and microkeywords, different languages, competitor analysis etc. Therefore it is up for the client to either do it themselves or outsource. The whole package becomes expensive regardless if the cost is internal or external. When the total cost is compared to the results it might be suprising how expensive leads become.

How AI sees itself helping a digital marketing manager with search engine optimization and content.

SEO AI’s competetive edge comes from strong understanding of customer needs and fast product development with short time to market. These traits combined with capable sales team has led to a strong start in the home market. The solutions prominent features include an idea and automatic content creator which partially replace manual content creation. More importantly the solution suggests improvements to optimize content on your website and analyzes chosen competitors to stay ahead of what others are doing. To put it short SEO AI’s tool is your own content powerhouse, competitor analyst, and digital marketing manager at significantly lower cost.

The investment proceeds are used for product development, strengthen domestic market position, and scale international operations. We’re happy to join SEO AI as an investor!