We invested in Hoiwa in 2022 alongside Nordia Management in EUR 2 m seed round. Hoiwa’s growth story started in 2020 when the current CEO and Founder Fadumo Ali started the company as she had acknowledged through her own work the constant need for nurses and caretakers. Soon after her brothers joined in to develop their own technology to connect nurses and healthcare providers. From the start, Hoiwa’s growth has been staggering and keeps on continuing. Three of Hoiwas competitive advantages stood out to us when considering partnering up with them. Above all, they value their employees and actively promote increasing respect for nurses and caregivers. Second, they are a technologically oriented company. Third, there is a constant need for nurses and caretakers, which Fadumo Ali realized when founding the company.

Hoiwa connects nurses and caretakers with public and private healthcare providers through Hoiwa’s in-house developed application. As of August 2022, Hoiwa has over 3 000 nurses and caretakers ready to work. With the investment round, Hoiwa is planning to increase the number of Hoiwa’s healthcare personnel, bring nurses from abroad to Finland, and prepare for European expansion. According to Fadumo Ali, Hoiwa’s intention is to “increase the awareness and respect of nurses and caretakers and bring joy back to the healthcare industry”.

Hoiwa is a technology startup aiming to solve the nursing and caretaker shortage problem. Currently Hoiwa operates in Finland and prepares for European expansion.