We invested in Lyyti alongside Vaaka Partners in 2019. The investment was rationalized through the thought that the event management software space is large enough to have a go in it. However in the long run we saw that there can be only one winner and Lyyti is well-positioned in this sense. The company’s growth ambitions are guaranteed by skilled founders empowered by private equity company Vaaka Partners. Lyyti has a clear mission to conquer the European event management software market with its SaaS solution and we are thrilled to join the company with an investment and board membership. Lyyti manages 65,000 events and processes personal data of more than 15 million people and has 50 employees based in its offices in Turku, Helsinki, Stockholm, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Lyyti develops event management software product used for event management, event marketing and measuring the success of an event. Today Lyyti is led by a private equity company.