We invested in Mjuk in 2022 alongside Alliance Ventures and Lifeline Ventures. Mjuk’s strong result-driven team and determined attitude to change the second-hand furniture market made us team up with them. The current ways of disposing of high-quality furniture are inconvenient and costly for the seller and the quality control is difficult for the buyer. Mjuk offers a turnkey solution for both parties. Their solution makes disposing of furniture simple for the seller and offers an important quality check for the buyer. On top of that Mjuk takes care of the whole value chain from picking up the furniture from the seller, storing it, and delivering it to the buyer’s doorstep.

The proceeds from the financing round are used for improving the scalability of the business model, user experience, and growth in the Nordics ahead of planned mainland Europe expansion in 2023. As of 2022 Mjuk operates in Finland and Sweden. We are happy to be a part of Mjuk’s growth story and looking forward to the up-and-coming challenges.



Mjuk is a second-hand furtniture e-commerce shop streamlining buyer and seller experience. As of 2022 Mjuk is led by two VC's and operates in Finland and Sweden.