2018 & 2022

We invested in Fiksuruoka because of the brilliant team in the first place. The founders have demonstrated during the first year their capability to steer the strategy in the right direction and get the company growing rapidly. Fiksuruoka sells near-expiration-dated grocery products for consumers with a significant discount. In our view, their business model has two advantages. First, Fiksuruoka delivers well-priced groceries to consumers. Second, the company reduces food waste in society. While both are important matters for consumers, we believe that the latter is an essential part of the sustainable megatrend in society. The general food industry still has large sustainability issues and Fiksuruoka answers one of the most important questions by reducing food waste.

Ecommerce company selling food and consumer goods with at least 20-90% discount. Today Fiksuruoka is led by a VC.