We invested in Timma indirectly through a similar Norwegian company called Wellbee which merged with Timma in 2018 to form the leading booking platform in Nordics. The beauty salon market is flooded with small independent companies with few technological solutions for booking and marketing. Timma understood that there is a need for a well-developed booking and marketing technology and it is only a question of time when someone produces a user-friendly marketplace for the small companies. The beauty salon booking industry had large suspicions over technological advancements due to previous operators having confusing platforms. With an effortlessly managed booking platform, Timma was able to break down the suspicions of salons and today is operating successfully in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. We are delighted to be a part of Timma’s success story.

Timma provides a marketplace for hair, beauty and massage salons and today operates successfully in Finland, Sweden and Norway.