We invested in Neliöhinta Solutions in 2019 as the real estate brokerage business is currently outdated. Choosing the best broker for a consumer is hard as the choice has to be made rarely and basing the choice just on word-of-mouth does not guarantee the desired outcome. Furthermore, broker companies are still relying on inefficient marketing strategies and their brokers to establish a large returning customer base. Neliöhinta provides an efficient solution for both parties connecting consumers to the best brokers and takes the current market habits to today’s standards. As Neliöhinta is able to create value for all parties involved we believe that there is great demand for their services. The company has proprietary technology for housing price analysis and fact-based broker evaluation which deters new competitors. With an excellent solution and protected technology, the company’s future looks bright.

Neliöhinta Solutions is a technology company that operates platform connecting real estate brokers and customers selling their apartments and seeking for best broker.