Trado Capital

Trado Capital’s background

Trado Capital is an angel fund founded by succesful entrepreneur Olli Sirkiä. We finance startups that have the potential to be market leaders in their area of expertise. We prioritize partnerships where our skillset, chemistry, understanding, and capital match. Our operation differs significantly from traditional fund. Our fund operates independently without any obligations to third-party investors, which eliminates common conflicts of interest founded in public funds. We do not have predetermined schedule that dictates the lifespan of our fund, and therefore we do not pressure startups into making inconvenient decisions. Practically it means that we do not have to liquidate our positions in a given time-frame. Furthermore, companies that we invest in can be assured that we do not ask them to take more funding than necessary.

Investing from our balance sheet is also advantageous for startups. We are fully committed to the success of every investment we make (read: we are not here to charge investment fees). Entrepreneurs can be assured that we will spare no effort to unlock a company’s full potential once we invest in it. Having a personal and aligned interests with portfolio companies is part of our strategy, and that has led to phenomenal results.

We are an unconventional fund that combines venture capital and angel investing providing not only financial resources but also flexibility and expertise. Our goal is to support the next-generation companies that will create the cornerstone of the future economy.

Why us?

Our expertise in navigating the current market sets us apart. There is an abundance of finance available in the current market. At the time of writing, equity, fixed income, and real estate prices are relatively high. The price inflation has also reached the private equity market, where startup prices have inflated in the past ten years. Inflated prices indicate that startups have more funding available than ever. The data confirms it. The Finnish Venture Capital Association reports that startup funding has doubled since 2020, reaching 951 million. Furthermore, CNBC reports that Europe’s startup scene is thriving, with European startups raising 121 billion euos, triple the amount from 2020. So why should you pick us as an investor when there’s plenty of other options? Because financing is just a minor part of what we offer.

We provide expert guidance to help businesses achieve success on a local or global scale. With our extensive experience in both organic and inorganic growth strategies, we have the tools to tailor our approach to fit the specific needs of your business. Olli has proven track record of successfully internationalizing companies, including Leaddesk, Timma, and Jobilla, all of which are now thriving in foreign markets. In 2019, Olli successfully led an IPO with Leaddesk and oversaw multiple M&As.

His a vast experience and expertise make him a valuable asset. Moving forward, we are excited to take on new challenges and experiences.

Short history of Trado Capital

Trado Capital was formed as a spin-off company from Trado Innovation with the intention of systemizing startup investments through cooperation. Sami effectively manage’s Trado Capital’s daily operations while Olli expertly focuses on strategic planning and bigger picture.

Our partnership was born out of a shared passion for business and a mutual goal of discovering the next Nordic startup champion.

Our background

Olli has been an entrepreneur and investor for a decade now. He is one of the founders of publicly-traded company Leaddesk, Profinder (previously Leadcloud), and N Health Technology, and invested in multiple startups. Please refer to Trado Capital’s full investment Portfolio. Olli also holds a board position in some of our portfolio companies and guides their growth journey. Olli holds an M.Sc in Technology.

Sami has experience in corporate treasury, liquidity and risk management as well as in equity research. Sami holds an M.Sc in Finance and Economics.

Our blog will have varying subjects, from investing philosophy to breaking down why we decided to invest in a specific market.

Author: Sami Aho
Sami Aho
Olli Sirkiä