Trado Capital, an Angel Fund

Trado Capital is an angel fund founded by Olli Sirkiä, a successful entrepreneur. Our goal is to find and finance startups that have shown potential to be market leaders in their area of expertise. We don’t look at whether the company is an early-stage business venture or an expansion stage startup. What we look for is that our skillset, chemistry, understanding, and capital matches with the potential partner. Furthermore, our operation differs from a traditional fund significantly. We do not gather any public funds and this removes any responsibilities for third-party investors. Having no responsibilities to outside investors removes common conflicts of interests found in public funds. As our fund’s lifespan is not dictated by a preset schedule we do not have to push startups to inconvenient decisions. Thus, the companies we invest in can be sure that we do not ask them to take more funding than required. Or that we are not looking for a certain exit window to liquidate our fund for investors.

Investing from our own balance sheet is also in the interest of startups. We put our money where our mouth is and have a genuine interest (read: we are not here to collect management fees) in the success of each and every investment we make. Entrepreneurs can be certain that we leave no stone unturned to unlock the full potential of a company once we invest in it. Having such personal and aligned interests with startups is part of our strategy and that strategy has led to phenomenal results.

We see ourselves as an unconventional fund that is a mix between venture capital and angel investing. Apart from financial resources, we bring flexibility and expertise to the table. Moreover, we want to be a part of the next-generation companies that create the cornerstone for the future economy.

Why us?

Looking at the current market, there is an abundance of finance available. Equity, fixed income, and real estate prices are at a relatively high level. The price inflation has reached also the private equity market where startup prices have inflated in the past 10 years. Such inflation could indicate that startups have more funds available than ever. So why should you pick us as an investor when there’s plenty of financing available? Financing is just a minor part of what we offer.

We bring valuable know-how to companies whether they are looking to become local or global champions. We have experience in both organic and inorganic growth. The strategy chosen of course relies heavily on the business itself, but our toolkit fits both options. In the past decade, Olli has also gained hands-on experience in internationalizing multiple companies. These include (but is not limited to) Leaddesk, Timma, and Jobilla which all operate successfully overseas. Furthermore, Olli has made an IPO with Leaddesk in 2019 and seen through multiple M&As.

Having a vast experience like this obviously has its benefits, but were are far from satisfying our appetite. We are looking for new challenges and experiences in the coming years.

Trado’s story in short

Trado Capital was formed as a spin-off company from Trado Innovation. The intention is to systemize startup investments through cooperation. Sami runs Trado’s daily operations while Olli takes part in the bigger picture questions.

What got us working together is through a mutual interest in business and the goal to find the next Nordic startup champion.

Our background

Olli has been an entrepreneur and investor for a decade now. He is one of the founders of publicly-traded company Leaddesk, a founder of Profinder (previously Leadcloud), and N Health Technology. He is also an early investor in multiple startups. The whole portfolio of investments can be found here: Portfolio. Olli also holds a board position in a few of our portfolio companies and guides their growth journey. Olli has an M.Sc in Technology.

Sami has been working in the corporate treasury. He has experience in liquidity and risk management as well as equity research. Besides that, he has been picking stocks for the last 6 years. He is in the last stages of completing his M.Sc in Finance and Economics.

Our blog will have varying subjects from investing philosophy to breaking down why we decided to invest in a certain market.

Sami Aho
Olli Sirkiä